Rhian Jack

Rhian Jack graduated with a degree in Interdisciplinary Performance Studies this past year from UBC-Okanagan.

As a Feminist performance artist, I investigate Western Women's lived experiences through a subversive and satirical lens, combining physical comedy and burlesque sensibilities. I deconstruct what it is to live as a commodity by disrupting stereotypical notions of femininity through the agitation of representations within Patriarchal culture. The purpose of this gesture is to generate friction and to make some noise specific to gender issues existing within the fictitious framework that binds me. I actively question a structure that negotiates women's degrees of worth (lessness) based on desirability, thus making the ideal woman synonymous with youth, beauty, and fertility. And through radical characterizations, I reclaim my feminine identity while remaining housed in a social construct that has backed me, and many women, into a corner.

Rhian was overtaken by nasty kid germs during her October 1, 2015 featured slot, and will hopefully be back end of December/early new year to share her oddity with us.