Inspired Word Cafe - The Review

Mark Bertolutti . Photo by Adam Flockemann. 

Mark Bertolutti . Photo by Adam Flockemann. 

Episode 14

Mark Bertolutti, our featured performer for episode 14, is no stranger to the inspired word cafe family. Mark faithfully continues to inspire our audience with his poetic celebration of his life experiences. His sparse use of words adeptly reflects complex subject matter in haiku-like style. Mark’s rapid-fire delivery of words engaged the Inspired Word Café audience with an invitation to be present in the practice of empathetic listening. Mark’s presence speaks to his strength as a man and as a friend to the Inspired Word Café. It was a night of great entertainment as all in attendance were treated to the uplifting Indie Experimental Mermaid Dream-Pop music of Syren + the Waves.  Visit our Facebook page for more photos of this show and past shows. 

What's Up in the Community?

For the week of February 15th-21st, 2016 we have a stacked set of events we hope to see you all at! Check the links and let me know which events I can see you at in the comments below.

On Tuesday, February 16th, there is the Petit Festival de Films Francophones  

Check out the Pride Resource Centre page for all of the events happening at UBCO for OutWeek.

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