Kelowna Poetry Slam: Canada Day Throwdown - Meet the Poets

Babaloluwa Oyedele

Babaloluwa Oyedele is an artist currently in the Interdisciplinary Performance program at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. He is primarily a performer and a poet, but enjoys dabbling in all types and forms of artistic expression. He is currently developing a performance that deals with ideas of vulnerability and his poetry ranges from personal experience to social topics. He’s been learning about story and would love it if you shared a good one with him. He knows that most of these artist bios are about the artist but gets bored with talking about himself so he wants to learn about you. He hopes you enjoy the slam as much as he will.

Lolu won first place at Kelowna Poetry Slam on March 31st 2016! Come find out if he can hold on to first place for a second event in a row. July 1st down at Kerry Park Stage from 6-9pm.

Kelowna Poetry Slam - Kickoff Classic - Meet the poets

Cole Mash

Cole Mash is a doing his MA in Creative Writing and English at UBC Okanagan. He is a poet, fiction writer, and scholar published in Papershell, The Coastal Spectator, and SRC. He competed in Kelowna Poetry Slam on March 31st, 2016 and took second place.

Cole is the newest member of the IWC Collective and a wonderful community activist, poet, and loud mouth. Get your tickets at Mosaic Bookstore for $10 presale so you can watch him (hopefully) finally take first place!