I know you are, but what am I?

I know you are, but what am I?

We are so pumped for the big Springfield vs. Shelbyville Poetry Slam happening on January 27, 2017! Since our original call for poets in early November, we have selected the two teams, booked our venue and are eager to announce our wine and beer sponsors. Not to mention, if Rawle has his way, there will certainly be some kind of pre-show entertainment before the slam begins. It's going to be a killer night in Kelowna and it's only $10 through our Eventbrite campaign. Damn. This is almost as good as the Lemon Tree!

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Inspirational qoute of the week with Jessica Laplante

"Repressed emotions are un-actualized spiritual lessons---if we cannot excavate and work through our feelings, we will be limited in our expansion." -JEFF BROWN


With every experience we have in life, it evokes a emotional response. Some of those life experiences are here to teach us lessons. When one experiences negative emotions whatever it may be... loss, disappointment, hurt, anger etc Do you bottle it up, shove it down, ignore it, turn away from it, hide it or avoid it through self sabotaging means? When one represses their feelings be it hurt, anger, disappointment etc. We are not giving ourselves the opportunity to truly feel and process whatever it is. Each experience be it positive or negative has lessons in it ready to be learned if we are courageous enough to feel our feelings, express them through some sort of healthy outlet and brave enough to walk through the scary doors of life. Once one can do this they may discover aspects about themselves they never saw before, they may recognize how they contribute to their experiences or ways to heal themselves if they allow themselves to feel and learn from each experience life beholds. 

Kelowna Poetry Slam: Canada Day Throwdown - Meet the Poets

Babaloluwa Oyedele

Babaloluwa Oyedele is an artist currently in the Interdisciplinary Performance program at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. He is primarily a performer and a poet, but enjoys dabbling in all types and forms of artistic expression. He is currently developing a performance that deals with ideas of vulnerability and his poetry ranges from personal experience to social topics. He’s been learning about story and would love it if you shared a good one with him. He knows that most of these artist bios are about the artist but gets bored with talking about himself so he wants to learn about you. He hopes you enjoy the slam as much as he will.

Lolu won first place at Kelowna Poetry Slam on March 31st 2016! Come find out if he can hold on to first place for a second event in a row. July 1st down at Kerry Park Stage from 6-9pm.

Kelowna Poetry Slam - Kickoff Classic - Meet the poets

Cole Mash

Cole Mash is a doing his MA in Creative Writing and English at UBC Okanagan. He is a poet, fiction writer, and scholar published in Papershell, The Coastal Spectator, and SRC. He competed in Kelowna Poetry Slam on March 31st, 2016 and took second place.

Cole is the newest member of the IWC Collective and a wonderful community activist, poet, and loud mouth. Get your tickets at Mosaic Bookstore for $10 presale so you can watch him (hopefully) finally take first place!

Kelowna Poetry Slam - Meet the Poets - Erin Hiebert

Besides having the COOLEST name of all the poets (haha), Erin has a sarcastic humour about her that will serve her well on stage on March 31st. She was an invited guest on our ShawTV show and proved to the entire collective that there is something witchy about her, (in the best possible way) and we can't wait to be under her spell once again.

Erin Hiebert is a 4th year Creative Writing student at UBCO. She has previously published a chapbook of poetry and uses her writing to examine femininity and women’s lived experiences.

Get your tickets now at Mosaic Books so you can get in early and enjoy some sweet beats and a little refreshment. All the details here.

Kelowna Poetry Slam - Meet the Poets - Leila Neverland

Leila is an enigma. One of those creators who can sing like Janis Joplin, play the keys like Bach, and write poetry like Shel Silverstein. She's a wonderful combination of revolution and absurdity. We are excited to see Leila rock it on stage as a poetess. Come see her perform on March 31!

Leila Neverland makes free-spirited music and poetry from her heart,
for the people. She is currently working on a new album, and hopes for
widespread peace.

Tickets available at Mosaic Books until March 31st for $10. Price jumps to $15 at the door. All tickets include one drink. More info here.

Kelowna Poetry Slam

It started September 2015, when I poked and prodded at Rawle to agree to do a slam event. I promised it would be awesome! So we did it, hosting our first poetry slam with Inspired Word Cafe and the biggest slam event at the time and to happen in Kelowna, with over 75 people showing up. After this, we felt we had to keep going!

On January 23rd 2016, Inspired Word Cafe and UBCO went head-to-head in "Battle on the Hill". It turned out to be one of the most fun, inspiring, hilarious, and thought provoking evenings IWC and our community had seen. 300 people gathered as the teams battled it out, ending in UBC's victory. But the fun simply couldn't stop after that crowd pleaser!

The IWC Collective has been busily working on the newest event series in our arsenal. As many of you know, we run our 6 year strong open mic night once a month at Kelowna Heritage Museum. This is, and will remain, a safe place for poets and musicians of all experience levels to come and share. In late 2015, Inspired Word Cafe made it's television debut with a self-titled show running daily and filmed bimonthly at Shaw TV Studios in Prospera Place. The only thing missing from this already thriving poetry community was a regular poetry slam.

Graphic Design by Adam Flockemann

Graphic Design by Adam Flockemann

After much brainstorming, and still many kinks to be worked out, we decided we would start a brand new series called Kelowna Poetry Slam. In case you didn't know, every year Slam teams from across Canada gather at what is called the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. These teams compete to be known as the top slam team in Canada, followed with the opportunity to travel to America and perform in the International slam championships! Pretty cool, hey? The crazy thing though, is that Kelowna HAS NEVER SENT A TEAM! Just think, all of this talent here in the Okanagan going unnoticed by our Country? Here at IWC, we knew we had to remedy this situation and fast.

Our first venture as Kelowna Poetry Slam will be March 31st, from 7-10pm at Laurel Packing House in the cultural district of Kelowna. We are so stoked to present, as sponsored by UBCSUO,  Footwerk Events's JGirl spinning some dope beats, a cash bar, hosts from Q103.1 Susan Knight and John Stone as well as myself (Erin Scott) helping keep the night moist. Eight poets will take the stage and only one will come out on top. Join us for another night of insane talent and good vibes in this growing community of ours. Check out the event page and get your tickets soon in case we SELL OUT!

Keep checking back here for more information about the future of Kelowna Poetry Slam, what we have in store for Fall 2015, and any surprises to pop up over the summer! It's sure to be off da hook!

*for info about how to apply to be a poet in this slam, check the FB page.

Inspirational Quote of the Week with Jessica Laplante

“The planet does not need more ‘successful people’. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds. It needs people to live well in their places. It needs people with moral courage willing to join the struggle to make the world habitable and humane and these qualities have little to do with success as our culture is the set. ”

~Dalai Lama

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What's Up in the Community?

For the week of February 15th-21st, 2016 we have a stacked set of events we hope to see you all at! Check the links and let me know which events I can see you at in the comments below.

On Tuesday, February 16th, there is the Petit Festival de Films Francophones  

Check out the Pride Resource Centre page for all of the events happening at UBCO for OutWeek.

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