Inspirational qoute of the week with Jessica Laplante

"Repressed emotions are un-actualized spiritual lessons---if we cannot excavate and work through our feelings, we will be limited in our expansion." -JEFF BROWN


With every experience we have in life, it evokes a emotional response. Some of those life experiences are here to teach us lessons. When one experiences negative emotions whatever it may be... loss, disappointment, hurt, anger etc Do you bottle it up, shove it down, ignore it, turn away from it, hide it or avoid it through self sabotaging means? When one represses their feelings be it hurt, anger, disappointment etc. We are not giving ourselves the opportunity to truly feel and process whatever it is. Each experience be it positive or negative has lessons in it ready to be learned if we are courageous enough to feel our feelings, express them through some sort of healthy outlet and brave enough to walk through the scary doors of life. Once one can do this they may discover aspects about themselves they never saw before, they may recognize how they contribute to their experiences or ways to heal themselves if they allow themselves to feel and learn from each experience life beholds.