Meet the Poets - Sami Al-Khalili

Sami is coming all the way from Victoria to compete. Check out his answers to our silly questions, and join us on September 15th at Stuart Park for a totally awesome, totally free, poetry event!


1) When did you first get started writing?

When I was 11 in Ottawa, Ontario! I shared a poem about nature! Then I seriously started writing when I was 14, after having my heart broken.'s serenade. 

2) Favourite poets

Lorna Crozier, David Henry Thoreau, Mary Oliver, e.e.cummings, Stephen Dunn, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Buddy Wakefield and more. 

3) Inspirations other than poetry for your work

Music. Food. Random contact with strangers. Beatboxing. Making silly noises. Being of service to people. Sharing merits with friends. 

4) If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be?

Imagine if a head of lettuce met a cucumber under the hot sun. I can be either or in that example ;)

5) If you were in Lord of the Rings, which character would you be?

I'd be the character that says out of all that shit, falls in love, has a family, and plows the fields.