Meet the Poets - Maddie Bishop

Maddie is one of our youngest competitors, but she has been an IWC staple for a few years now. Every time she takes the stage she gets a little more fierce. Come cheer Maddie on September 15th at 7pm at Stuart Park!


1) When did you first get started writing? - I started writing seriously when I was maybe 13 (mostly really bad fanfiction) but I started poetry when I was 15! Don't even ask me about some of my early Wattpad stories....

2) Favourite poets - Trista Mateer, Rupi Kaur, Amanda Lovelace. The list is small I know! I'm working on reading more poetry!

3) Inspirations other than poetry for your work - Most of my work is based on relationships I have with people. Whether that's my family, friends, people who haven't really done anything to me but make me angry anyways, or abstract characters I make up is dependent on what's happening in my life! 

4) If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be? - Ooh! I love this question! Rawle asked me it once and I had a answer ready right away because I'd been thinking about it...turnip! No one eats turnips! I'd live a long happy turnip life without ever being eaten!

5) If you were in Lord of the Rings, which character would you be? - This is from the hobbit but I guess it's the same universe, I'd definitely be Radagast! You know? That crazy forest wizard that just kind and of chills with his plants and animals, now that man is living his best life.