Meet the Poets - Darius Konstant

Darius performed at IWC’s Youth Showcase last year and wowed the crowd with his musings. He’s been referred to as a deadly combination of Cole and Rawle (Cole and Rawle referred to him as such). Come out and see how he does under the starts September 15th at 7pm at Stuart Park!



1) When did you first get started writing?

Grade 2: I learned the power of an adjective and was hooked. Spelling has since remained at the same skill level.

2) Favourite poets

WW (The GOAT), Terrance Hayes, 

Richard Blanco, Amanda Nadelberg

3) Inspirations other than poetry for your work


Both the assholes and the sweet old ladies out there who give you european candies on the bus and tell you about crochet projects.

4) If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be?

An onion

5) If you were in Lord of the Rings, which character would you be?

Probs like Gandalf when he was young and going through that phase where he was like, "No mom I don't want to go to get a degree! I want to practice MAGIC!" 

Thanks everyone!