Kickoff Classic - Meet the Poets

Nygel Metcalfe

Winner of last years Kickoff, Nygel returns to once again claim victory.  Will his rhymes reign supreme?  Join us at this years Kickoff Classic to find out.

Nygel Kickoff.jpg

1.    What did you read this summer?

"We had it all wrong, bleebs: everything you missed about Justin Bieber's faith journey in 2016."

2.    What is your favourite thing to do in the fall in the Okanagan?

The REAL reason all your exes said "No Way, José!" Can you handle knowing the truth?

3.    If you were a pumpkin spice latte, who’s pumpkin spice latte would you be and why?

This young woman went looking for treasure in a haunted cavern, and what she found will shock you!

4.    IPA or pilsner?  Ramen or pho?

This man was shocked by the IPA that he found!! 10 life hacks for pasty millenials.

5.    How many fires would you say you personally started this summer?

Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Try dying and letting maggots convert your decadent ass into soil - increase your ability to catalyze nitrogen fixation by 200%!!


Join us at the Kickoff Classic, September 30th, 7-9 pm, UNC Ballroom UBC Okanagan.  Get your tickets from Eventbrite and Mosaic Books.


Thanks to our sponsors Mosaic Books, Big Rock Brewery, UBCSUO, Frequency Wine and Sound, and Kelowna Sound Rental.