Kickoff Classic - Meet the Poets

Erin Scott

We adore Erins poems.  Poignant and posed, Erin returns to the mic to claim the title of Kickoff Queen.  Don't miss her at the 2017 Kelowna Poetry Slam Classic Kickoff. 

Erin Kickoff.jpg

1.    What did you read this summer?

Robyn Sarah “These Shoes are Killing Me”, Madeleine Thien “Do Not Say We Have Nothing”, and 4000 Facebook posts.

2.    What is your favourite thing to do in the fall in the Okanagan?

Walk through the woods! It smells so good. Mmm, death.

3.    If you were a pumpkin spice latte, who’s pumpkin spice latte would you be and why?

No one important. Who drinks pumpkin spice lattes anyways? Ugh. #basic

4.    IPA or pilsner?  Ramen or pho?

I don’t drink beer! Wine all the way. And that’s a tough second question. Why do I have to choose? Huh? How come I can’t be open and love the two in different but substantial ways?

5.    How many fires would you say you personally started this summer?

Fire safety isn’t a joke.


Join us at the Kickoff Classic, September 30th, 7-9 pm, UNC Ballroom UBC Okanagan.  Get your tickets from Eventbrite and Mosaic Books.


Thanks to our sponsors Mosaic Books, Big Rock Brewery, UBCSUO, Frequency Wine and Sound, and Kelowna Sound Rental.