Kickoff Classic - Meet the Poets

Brad Roach

Brad, with his unique style and worldview, will be taking the stage at this years Classic.  Come cheer him on, he's sure to deliver a laugh or two.

Brad Kickoff.jpg

1.    What did you read this summer?

I read a lot of odds and sods. I am a sucker for climbing stories and got on a CanLit kick for the bulk of the summer months.

2.    What is your favourite thing to do in the fall in the Okanagan?

Rock climbing is my favorite thing to do around these parts right now.

3.    If you were a pumpkin spice latte, who’s pumpkin spice latte would you be and why?

Can’t say I have any interest in pumpkin spice in any form even in a metaphysical context.

4.    IPA or pilsner?  Ramen or pho?

I drink cheap beer so pil will do. I like a home cooked ramen with fresh kimchi, pig belly, an egg drop and lots of veg and mushrooms.

5.    How many fires would you say you personally started this summer?

Well since the ban has been on, I have been well behaved. However, I did dress up as a unicorn, shoot a roman candle wizard staff at a giant wax box effigy all while driving an atv before engaging in a mock chainsaw battle earlier in the spring. This was in a gravel bush camp dance off in Northern B.C while snow and floods were still a thing.


Join us at the Kickoff Classic, September 30th, 7-9 pm, UNC Ballroom UBC Okanagan.  Get your tickets from Eventbrite and Mosaic Books.


Thanks to our sponsors Mosaic Books, Big Rock Brewery, UBCSUO, Frequency Wine and Sound, and Kelowna Sound Rental.