Kickoff Classic - Meet the Poets

Dash Taheri

Dash is a regular in the Kelowna poetry scene and we're always entranced by what he's got to say.  With his unique perspective and beautiful words we're sure he's gonna slay the competition at this years Classic.

Dash Kickoff.jpg

1.    What did you read this summer?

My Facebook feed, inspiration quotes posted on Instagram, my employee handbook, Starting Over by Tony Parsons, and Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins.

2.    What is your favourite thing to do in the fall in the Okanagan?

Watching the leaves change colour, doing lots of art, and soaking in every last bit of sunshine before winter comes.

3.    If you were a pumpkin spice latte, who’s pumpkin spice latte would you be and why?

I'd remain at Starbucks, unpurchased, because I'm not spending 6 dollars on a drink.

4.    IPA or pilsner?  Ramen or pho?

Pho but pronounced Pha, and the only booze I'll drink is the left over remains of mouthwash after my morning scrub.

5.    How many fires would you say you personally started this summer?

I quit my job, so definitely a few. And a small handful of short lived romances.


Join us at the Kickoff Classic, September 30th, 7-9 pm, UNC Ballroom UBC Okanagan.  Get your tickets from Eventbrite and Mosaic Books.


Thanks to our sponsors Mosaic Books, Big Rock Brewery, UBCSUO, Frequency Wine and Sound, and Kelowna Sound Rental.