Kickoff Classic - Meet the Poets

Jesse Gehon

Jesse will take the stage on Saturday, September 30th in our Kickoff Classic poetry slam! We can't wait to hear what he has been working on!


1.) What did you read this summer? 

New Testament. Palms. Proverbs. Parts of old. Run Baby Run by Nicki Cruz. The Jesus I never knew by Philip Nancy. Unashamed by Lacrae.

2.) What is your favourite thing to do in the fall in the Okanagan?

Garage Sales with my mom.

3.) If you were a pumpkin spice latte, who’s pumpkin spice latte would you be and why?

Timbucks prob.

4.) IPA or pilsner?  Ramen or pho?

Pilsner. Ramen.

5.) How many fires would you say you personally started this summer?

If barbecuing counts lots.

Join us on September 30, from 7-9pm for the Kickoff Classic at the UNC Ballroom on UBCO Campus. Tickets available through Eventbrite and Mosaic Books. 

Thanks to our sponsors UBCSUO, Mosaic Books, Kelowna Sound Rental, Big Rock, and Frequency Winery.