Springfield vs. Shelbyville Poetry Slam - Meet the Sponsors

Kelowna Sound Rentals

Providing all of our sound equipment and one of their awesome Sound Technicians is the team over at Kelowna Sound Rentals. We can't express enough how important sound quality is to successful events! Not just for music, but also for clarity of speaking voices when you know, you host a poetry slam or something. In the past, our sound has been a little wonky and we are so appreciative to have a team of professionals coming in to keep us crisp.

Check out their services and give them a shout for your next event.

For now, let's get to know Kelowna Sound Rentals a little better with some questions.

Why do you think it is important to support the local art/culture scene?

KSR believes this is important because the art/culture scene helps define our culture and society for historical purposes in a positive manner while bringing the community together in the present.

2. What is your favourite place in the Valley?

Our favorite place in the valley is probably Gellalty Bay.

3. Which Simpson character is most like you? If you do not know the Simpson’s, which cartoon character is most like you?

Bart Simpson

4. Which art form best describes your organization and why?

Music. In the production stage and can be complex, while in the finished stage everything seems to just come together.

5. Safari or Chrome? Mac or PC?

Chrome and PC.