Springfield vs. Shelbyville Poetry Slam - Meet the Poets

Lolu Oyedele

Representing Team Springfield is the incredible Lolu. He has taken multiple first place spots at past Kelowna Poetry Slam events and is always up for workshopping, performing, and supporting community. You don't want to miss what Lolu will bring to the stage on January 27th.

How would you describe your poetry?

I think I would describe my poetry as experiential poetry. My poetry is a combination of an analysis and processing of my own lived experience, as well as that of other people. It is my brain’s internal process revealed in a package of metaphor and allegory. Wow, that sounds kinda pretentious. All I mean is that I think about stuff and write them down as if I was talking to you about them. See, now why didn’t I just say that in the first place huh?

What’s your favourite place in the Valley?

So when you say the Valley, I’m guessing you mean the Okanagan Valley and to that question I would say that I haven’t explored a lot of it myself, but I live here in Kelowna and I think it rocks a few socks.

Which Simpson character are you most like?

I don’t know too much about the Simpsons but I’d have to go with Lisa.  I think she and I both have a very analytical mind and I share her passion for feminism and equality, and I love music. Yeah, its definitely Lisa.

Who is your favourite poet?

Uggghhh, why ya’ll gotta do this to me? What kind of sick and twisted mind came up with this question? Ok. I mean, I’m not even gonna cover half the list but here we go.

Maya Angelou, rest her beautiful soul

2Pac and Bob Marley to name the oldies but the goodies.

As for contemporary poets, Patricia Smith is my all time fave who is still kicking and smacking down some words.

Guante is absolutely breathtaking

Jeremy Radin’s lyricism is to die for

Franny Choi’s work is stellar and that is still an understatement

Rudy Francisco’s poetic honesty is heart wrenching and incredibly important.

Listening to Will Giles makes me a better person

And Sam Sax’s humour and truth shows the bitter sweet reality of our existence in all its sorrow and magic.

This is just to name a few.

Safari or Chrome? Mac or PC?

I’m a PC boy all the way, and Chrome is what I use the most so I’ve gotta give it a shoutout.   

Tickets are available now through Eventbrite or at Mosaic Books in Kelowna.