Springfield vs. Shelbyville Poetry Slam - Meet the Poets

Brad Roach

Brad is representing Team Springfield and is a hilarious voice all the way out from Nova Scotia. You can be sure that he will be bringing a brand of poetry all his own. Don't miss out as we welcome one of the newest members of the IWC community to the KPS stage!

1)    How would you describe your poetry?

I like to have a laugh and be extroverted with my introspection. I love romanticizing the dirt bag lifestyle. Ski bums, vehicle dwellers and the strange tribe of treeplanters has been my social circle for the past decade, I would like to tell their story.  

2)    What is your favorite place in the Valley?

I love to climb, hunt and dog walk in the wilderness around Cedar Park. Any place with a nice climbing route, an open space or a place to go for a ski is quite nice really.

3)    Which Simpson character are you most like?

That’s a tough call really, I sound kinda funny and have planted a lot so I guess Groundskeeper Willie would be an option.

4)    Who is your favorite poet?

My friend Dave Huebert got me interested in poetry recently when he had a bunch of wacky poems with me in them, they made me laugh and were quite relatable. I would not consider myself well-read enough to drop any big names so I guess my buddy will do.

5)    Safari or Chrome? Mac or PC?

I like a library computer because it has a big screen.

Come find Brad on January 27th and cheer him on! Tickets available now through Eventbrite or at Mosaic Books downtown Kelowna.