Springfield vs. Shelbyville Poetry Slam - Meet the Poets

Rhian Jack

Representing Team Shelbyville is the one and only Rhian Jack. A performer, writer, mother, and all around incredible human being, Rhian is sure to bring a wonderful, new voice to the stage on January 27th.

1) How would you describe your poetry?

I’m a nasty girl, I keep it dirty.

2) What is your favourite place in the Valley?

Down by the railway tracks in Vernon where the nudists and I hang out.

3) Which Simpson character are you most like?

I’m the birth daughter of Barney and Edna Crabapple

4) Who is your favourite poet?

Dennis Lee’s work peeked my interest in poetry when I was a wee girl.

5)  Safari or Chrome? Mac or PC?

Mac. But I don’t know how to use it so it’s like a really expensive piece of paper and source of    pirated entertainment

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