Springfield vs. Shelbyville Poetry Slam - Meet the Sponsors

Back Door Winery

Rawle first connected with this Summerland based winery and man I have to be honest, its challenging not to make a million inappropriate jokes inspired by their name. But I will behave because this lovely, intimate winery has offered up bottles of wine for all of the poets competing on January 27th. We strive to always pay our poets, but in lieu of this possibility, having community partners who can say thank you in other ways is a wonderful gift. Check out the amazing winery and get out of Kelowna to show your support and love for Team Shelbyville by repping this Summerland winery.

1. Why do you think it is important to support the local art/culture scene?

a. In a single phrase, art explains to us what science fails to quantify. We spend so much time talking about the economy and that which is quantifiable, we forget that art is so frequently what makes life worth living. In the macro, it provides us with an understanding of what it is to be human (perhaps a little clichéd, but true nonetheless). And in the micro, it gives ourselves a sense of community, of identity, and of purpose. The Manitoban writer Gabrielle Roy perhaps said it best when she wrote: “without the arts, could we ever truly know each other?” I can think of no better reason to support the arts than to continue to provide the Okanagan with a vibrant cultural soul that helps us stand apart and better understand ourselves.

2. What is your favorite place in the Valley?

a. Obviously, the Backdoor Winery at 9752 Jones Flat Road in Summerland (he wrote with a mild, sarcastic inflection). But after that we would probably have to go with downtown Summerland, especially on the night of our annual ‘Light-Up’ Winter Festival. It’s dominant form of architecture is a Tudor-Georgian hybrid, its dominated almost exclusively by small, independent artisan shops; businesses (the Bank of Montreal being the sole exception to this), and the mountain wilderness that encloses the town is visible on all sides (as is the lake)

3. Which Simpson character is most like you? If you do not know the Simpson’s, which cartoon character is most like you?

a. Pieter Smits (owner/winemaker) is most like Professor Frink. Always tinkering away in his lab (the cellar) inventing new things (in our case, mostly wine). Good Glavin!

4. Which art form best describes your organization and why?

a. The novella. Short, but richly complicated. A year’s worth of the growing season goes into the grape, which is harvested, crushed, and fermented all in a specific manner unique to the varietal and plan. And the final product is then bottled, labeled, and sold in a manner unique to its characteristics. On the surface, it seems a short and simple process but in reality it is rich with details, subtext, and purpose. Just like the novella.

5. Safari or Chrome? Mac or PC?

a. The wine industry is all about sticking to traditions. Gotta go Chrome and PC on this one.

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