Springfield vs. Shelbyville Poetry Slam - Meet the Sponsors

Arts Council of the Central Okanagan

Katie Brennan is a fantastic visual artist, friend of IWC, and President of the Arts Council for the Central Okanagan. When she came to IWC and said "Let's do something sweet together!" we could not turn her down. Without the generous support of ARTSCo, the madness of Springfield vs. Shelbyville would not be possible. Check out all the work they are up to around the Okanagan Valley and don't forget to nominate your favourite artists for the 10th Annual Okanagan Arts Awards in May.

We asked all of our sponsors to answer a questionnaire. Below are Katie's answers on behalf of ARTSCo.

1) Why do you think it is important to support the local art/culture scene?

We here at Artsco LOVE the arts! We know the magic it brings to our community and the artists that make it. And we want to see it keep coming. That is why Artsco works continuously to support our artists and art groups and recognize what they bring the community. Join us on May 12th for the 10th Annual Okanagan Arts Awards. Nominations are open now :) artsco.ca

2) What is your favourite place in the Valley?

Rotary Centre for the Arts - luckily, this is where we live :)

3) Which Simpson character is most like you? If you do not know the Simpson’s, which cartoon character is most like you?

Lisa - we're optimistic, curious, smart and love the saxophone!

4) Which art form best describes your organization and why?

Relational Aesthetics / relational art -  artwork that creates a social environment in which people come together to participate in a shared activity. 

5) Safari or Chrome? Mac or PC?

Chrome! Mac!

For more information about the slam, check out the Facebook page. Tickets available through Eventbrite or at Mosaic Books in Kelowna.