Kelowna Poetry Slam - Kickoff Classic - Meet the Poets

Aaron Gordon

Aaron Gordon is a singer/songwriter and spoken word poet living the farm life and chasing dreams. With performances and recordings done across Canada, this artist is always looking for ways to share, love and grow. Aaron runs multiple stages and events for local music and even used to help run the IWC in its earlier days. With love of all forms a solid theme in his poetic pieces, he is always painting pictures of his life the way he wants to see it while challenging listeners to ask more out of themselves and of life.

Aaron competed in Battle On the Hill and will surely be looking to make it to the top 3 at the Kickoff Classic. Tickets available at Mosaic Bookstore and UBCSUO Green Text Bookstore for $10. Price jumps to $15 at the door so get them early and save cash for a drink. It's going to be a stellar night to start the season.