Inspirational quote of the week with Jessica Laplante

" Love yourself as if your life depends on it because it does"

- Anita Moorjani

We often have been raised to believe that it is selfish to love ourselves, in fact it is the best thing we can do not only for ourselves but for others. When we take time to nurture ourselves by honoring our feelings, our body, our heart. We become a better version of ourselves and we are a better parent, teacher, friend etc. In order to truly give to others we must fill our own hearts up rather then seeking others to fill us up. If we take time to nurture ourselves and love ourselves, we will have more love that will flow over that we can give to others. Anita writes a beautiful story of her near death experience when she was in the hospital with stage four cancer. In her near death experience she discovered all the shame and hurt she carried which physically manifested into her illness. Through connecting with love ones that passed she found inner peace and forgiveness and upon her return to the physical world she began a miraculous recovery and healed her Cancer. No matter what you believe personally, the message I got from her story was the importance of self love and forgiveness. To live your life fearlessly and don't wait until a diagnosis of illness to live our your bucket list. Do it now. Follow your dreams today and laugh everyday. After all we weren't born to simply go to a job we hate to make money to pay bills and die. What are you passionate about? What brings you joy? Do that. <3