Inspirational quote of the week with Jessica

" Call me crazy but I imagine a world where we smile when we have low batteries, because that will mean that we are one bar closer to humanity." -Prince eA




This quote is pretty self explanatory. How many times do you go to an event or out for a meal and the common thing you see is people spending time together with their phone infront of  them. I remember the times when you would go to a party or out for dinner and have meaningful conversations, not always checking your texts or facebook updates. As much as we have advanced with technology, I think many of us are really yearning for connection. Not just being there physically but being present with your friends and family on all levels. The thing that makes me most sad is as a child I remember climbing trees and playing with my friends. Using my imagination and staying outside until dinner time. Now when kids get together they are copying their parents, sitting with eachother while being on their phone or i pad. Having tons of online friends, but what about real life friends? That would feel so lonely after awhile. Lets leave our phones in the car while we are on a date, or mute the volume.... connect with your friends and family, who knows how long we will have them for. Let's unplug and reconnect.