inspirational qoute of the week with Jessica Laplante


Love transcends ownership. Love brings freedom as well as support to a partner. Love brings joy to a partner. With hidden agendas, uncommunicated needs/desires, and any other ego/fear emotion, a true partnership CANNOT work. What will cultivate is not love. Love is pure. Love is infinite. As god is love so should love shine through you. The ability to give love freely can only be attained when that love starts from within the core of your being, filling every molecule of your body, and once you are filled with self love it can pour out of you through your actions, thoughts, feelings, intentions, and only then can your love hydrate the soul of another. - Brennan Cunliffe

Such a beautiful thought provoking quote written by a friend of the IWC collective, so true what they say ..."You can't truly love another until you learn how to love yourself." 

Everything you feel inside is like a mirror and is reflected back to you. What you yearn to give to others you must first provide for yourself and as you do the more you can give to others. There will be a deeper well from which to give.  

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