I know you are, but what am I?

We are so pumped for the big Springfield vs. Shelbyville Poetry Slam happening on January 27, 2017! Since our original call for poets in early November, we have selected the two teams, booked our venue and are eager to announce our wine and beer sponsors. Not to mention, if Rawle has his way, there will certainly be some kind of pre-show entertainment before the slam begins. It's going to be a killer night in Kelowna and it's only $10 through our Eventbrite campaign. Damn. This is almost as good as the Lemon Tree!

A huge thanks to our partner in event hosting crime, ARTSCo. You wonderful people are helping to bring the Valley together, one art form at a time.

Thank you to all of the poets who expressed interest in being one of twelve for the slam! We love you all and do hope everyone comes out to the next open mic/open slam we will host at Bean Scene Downtown on January 5th. The two teams ended up being, Team Springfield: Brad Roach, Arlene Hassan, Jada Larkin, Lolu Oyedele, Nygel Metcalfe, Trina Zuyderduyn Manca; and Team Shelbyville: Rhian Jack, Jennifer Joan, Sophia Jackson, Dash Taheri, Natalie Larose, Joel Williamson. We cannot wait to see what you all bring to the stage as we celebrate poetry and the Okanagan Valley together!

Remember, the slam is a FRIENDLY competition and we give it up for the poets, not the points. Respect is a huge priority for IWC and we hold our poets to the same standard. That being said, fuck-a-doodle-do. Or whatever.

Stay tuned for bios about all our poets and more details about the shenanigans to come on January 27th. Keep connected with us through Facebook.