Big Changes for IWC

As many of our community members know, Inspired Word Cafe recently moved our shows up to UBCO Campus for the 2016/17 Seventh Season. Things were rough to begin, with both parties having full workloads and limited time for open communication, delays in programming, and that kind of tension you just don't need in your life. After much contemplation between our Board of Directors, we decided we could not continue to host shows at the Well and have a working relationship with the UBCSUO.

With our new found freedom to do as we like, we are taking our show BACK DOWNTOWN, to the newly opened Bean Scene! Starting this Thursday, October 6th at 7:00pm, we will be doing a once a month open mic/open slam show that is OPEN TO ALL AGES, $5 to get in, and first come, first up on stage sign-up sheet (for both the open mic and the open slam).

We truly value our time and energy spent creating a wonderful community and felt our best interests were in moving away from possible drama. We want to write poems, not fight about them. We hope you will all spread the word and continue loving on IWC as we get in to the fun of Season 7.

- The IWC Collective